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The OHT Operational Team

The OHT Operational Team

The LLG OHT is operated by a dedicated staff who work together to plan and implement current projects and initiatives, provide direction, practical support and coordination to the work of the LLG OHT.

The core team consists of:
  • Sheyi Badmos, Executive Lead

Sheyi is our fearless leader, and works to develop the strategies, goals and objectives that will help us achieve our mission of delivering more coordinated care for our residents.

  • Jocelyn Healey/Pierre Lachaine, Communications and Engagement

Jocelyn and Pierre help to lead the OHT’s communications and engagement strategy. They also help to create our e-newsletters, and run our social media and digital channels.

  • Samantha Gupta, Senior Performance and Quality Improvement Analyst

Samantha oversees our collaborative Quality Improvement Plan, and works to align it with the provincial and local health system priorities. She also helps to track all the OHT performance data.

  • Kevin Laviolette, Project Coordinator, Digital Health & Delivery Lead

Kevin assists in providing robust and collaborative digital operations, and leads our digital health initiatives.

  • Dr. Natalie Montgomery, OHT Impact Fellow

Natalie supports the implementation and evaluation of our Ontario Health Team projects.

  • Angela Moore, Intake Coordinator

Angela is a key point of contact to help clients access resources; both in primary and social supports. Angela also supports the connecting unattached residents working group.

  • Cheryl Tataryn, Office Administrator

Cheryl provides administrative support by coordinating communications between the LLG OHT core team and community partners.

  • Jane Torrance, Mental Health and Addictions Implementation Planner, Navigation Lead

Jane works with the Connecting Mental Health and Addiction Working Group to help them achieve their goals. She also leads many navigation discussions across the OHT.